At EngiCer, we take research seriously. We believe that only by continuosly improving our processes and products we are able to deliver products and services that truly satisfy our customers and partners. We are recognized as a trusted partner for research and development at an international level. Wheter under public research funding or through industry partnerships, we always do our best to provide next generation material solutions for the most disparate applications.

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To us, collaboration doesn't only mean working together to do a task, but working together to achieve a result. Our goal oriented approach makes us the partner of choice for research, development and optimization projects.

Our history of collaboration is long-standing. We actively collaborate with industry, universities, research institutes and reasearch consortia providing products, knowledge, customization and much more.

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We make our best effort to divulgate knowledge, and we do it in many forms. Scientific papers are one of them. Read more to get an exctesive list of our publications, or publications related to our products.

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Presentations hold at internationsl conferences and workshops are publictly available on our website. Here you can get better insights in our work in different fields.

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